It was 6am this morning and bluemarlin London’s Studio Manager Alex was munching his Corn Flakes in front of his TV. This morning, as he often does, he’d chosen to watch re-runs of British police procedural television series The Bill. As the opening credits ended and the first scene began Alex quite literally spat his cereal out in shock. He watched as coppers Phil and Sam investigated a robbery at a location he recognised. In actual fact, it was a location at which he was due to arrive in less than three hours time – bluemarlin London.

The episode in question dates back to 2006, 6 years before bluemarlin moved into its address by the River Thames in Fulham.

Watch the clip below and share our amazement as our studio bathes in its A-list location status. 

About bluemarlin London

Situated on the banks of the Thames, bluemarlin London has been the mainstay of the company since opening its doors in 2002. The largest studio within the group, this multifaceted team has the talent, expertise and resources to take on the most challenging branding and design projects: from the colossal packaging overhauls of global brands to the brand creation of entrepreneurial start-ups.

As diverse in its passions as its industry skills, bluemarlin London is a place where cyclists, art aficionados, foodies and musicians converge to produce world-class design.

bluemarlin London basks in the sunshine of fame back in 2012.

bluemarlin London basks in the sunshine of fame back in 2012.

Norway’s new series of banknotes belong in a gallery rather than a high-security vault or stuffed into a wallet. Earlier this year Norges Bank invited eight local design studios to produce concepts for the design of a new series of moolah notes. 

The Norwegian central bank’s brief instructed participating agencies to focus their designs on “the sea.” A simple yet fascinating entity that plays a huge part in Scandinavian culture. Ultimately, only two designs were selected. The wonderfully abstract, pixelated blur of Snøhetta for the back of the notes and the more literal drawings of The Metric System for the front.

The reverse of the note by Snøhetta

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 14.24.26

From Snøhetta‘s website:

‘Human beings settle nearby rivers, mountain chains, mountain passes, and coasts. We settle near boundaries – near the boundary between one element and the other. 

The beauty of boundaries is about the transition between sea and land, where something meaningful and interesting happens. Over time the sea becomes commonplace, just as land easily becomes so. However, where sea and land meet there is life. There is life in the same way as life on earth exists between sea and air, between land and air. Where water meets earth, soft meets hard, wet meets dry, life is created. 

Our long coast has created our identity, our heritage, and our industries. It has created national and international transport opportunities, as well as the creation of our welfare society. It is a vivid meeting that creates life’. 

The front of the note by The Metric System

norwegian kronerUnder the title ‘Norwegian Living Space’, The Metric System’s entry features detailed illustrations that capture multiple elements of the ocean and Norway’s coast. Norges Bank said The Metric System’s design is “very well suited to the incorporation of necessary security elements”, and combined with Snohetta Design’s entry “will give the notes both a traditional and a modern expression.”

The bad news for any Norwegians or tourists wishing to visit Norway and spend some of these beauties, is that they won’t be available until 2017 at the earliest.

Download this pdf to see all the designs submitted to Norges Bank.

The mountain town of Telluride in Colorado is a unique and amazing place. A ski resort in winter and an outdoor activities haven in summer, it plays host to numerous festivals and Ralph Lauren’s 16,000 acre ranch is on its outskirts. The surrounding area even boasts a healthy population of mountain lions.

At the epicentre of the heritage mining settlement is a high street free from the glare of traffic lights and neon signage with no buildings above two stories. The result is a stream of retailers using creativity and craft that’s in keeping with the local aesthetic, to construct an identity that’ll attract shoppers.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 09.34.28 1 Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 09.34.38 Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 09.35.04 Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 09.35.13 Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 09.35.19 Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 09.35.23 Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 09.35.32 Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 09.35.38 Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 09.35.49 Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 09.36.05 Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 09.36.17 Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 09.36.30 Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 09.36.38 Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 09.36.48 Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 09.36.59

Kate Moss

London’s 34 Restaurant has launched a Champagne coupe moulded by supermodel Kate Moss’ left bosom. Kate Moss coupe

The swanky Mayfair venue, where Kate celebrated her 40th birthday, joined forces with British artist Jane McAdam Freud for the much-discussed project. The 34 Kate Moss Coupe design features an elongated slender stem and a bowl decorated with an etched Art Deco-influenced geometric pattern. Moss’ signature is engraved on the base to provide a subtle and elegant final touch.

The association between women’s breasts and drinking vessels goes back as far as Helen of Troy, whose mammary glands are said to have shaped cups. Though historians would disagree, it is said that Marie-Antoinette’s left breast was the mould for the original coupe glass. Apparently, the French Queen wanted her court to toast her health by drinking from glasses shaped like her bosom.

It’s no surprise that the coupe’s structure is determined by a breast, as they’re said to be lucky. The Casa di Giulietta is a house in Verona, Italy, that many believe is the Capulets’ house from Shakespeare’s celebrated tragedy Romeo & Juliet. A bronze statue in the house’s small courtyard depicts a Juliet with her bust exposed. Tourists and locals flock to the sculpture to stroke the breast, believing that the action will bring them good fortune. 

34’s new coupe has been created, not only to celebrate Kate Moss’ 40th birthday but also her 25 year career in Fashion. Over the last quarter-century Kate Moss has posed for every major fashion photographer and dated a host of stars including Johnny Depp and Daniel Craig. She’s become the most famous model in the world through her beauty, countless newspaper column inches and a long list of brand endorsements. 

The style stalwart’s famous figure won’t always look the same but her famous catwalks, advertisements and the likes of 34’s new Champagne coupe will preserve it forever.

Kate Moss' Calvin Klein adverts with Marky Mark are amongst her most famous.

Kate Moss’ Calvin Klein adverts with Marky Mark are amongst her most famous.

Although you won’t be able to buy the coupe, you can get your hands on one by ordering Champagne at London’s 34 Restaurant, The Ivy Scott’s, Daphne’s and The Club from October 9.

[Via Dezeen

Each bluemarlin studio was invited to spend a little time in the world around them finding inspiration in everything and anything they saw. The goal was to find the 26 letters of the alphabet hidden in their area and spell out an epithet specific to their city.

If you’re not sure what the phrases they went with mean there is a link to explain beneath each of them.

‘Apples & Pears’ 

LondonWhat does this mean?

‘Organic Free Range Thinkers and Cider Drinkers’

BathThe Bath studio is surrounded by miles of beautiful British countryside and Somerset county is famed for its cider production. 



‘Singapore Can Lah’

SingaporeWhat does this mean?

New York
‘No Sleep Till Brooklyn’

New YorkWhat does this mean?

Today is World Vegetarian Day and so seems like the perfect time to feature the best in vegetable packaging design. Whether you’re a T-rex or a Stegosaurus, you’ll enjoy perusing these packs.


Waitrose Fresh Herbs
Bold headline-style typography takes centre stage for this modern design. Transparent packs convey Waitrose’s confidence in its products but also the natural freshness of the herbs. A striking splash of red highlights the guest herbs available on any given week. An own-label brand has rarely looked better.

Village Farms
These packs have strong stand out and work fantastically in a cohesive range. The beautiful white typography is visible against the fresh, bright colour of the veg. The illustrations atop the flexible plastic pack create a picturesque village scene, indicating the rural paradise in which the vegetables were grown.

11 12 12 villagefarms5
This simple yet playful packaging design for a Russian premium vegetable brand has huge imapct and creates plenty of space for brand communications. It’s also easy to reseal after use to keep what’s left of your veggies fresh for longer.
Packaging by Just be Nice for Vegetoria's carrot variety
Alan Bartlett & Sons
These premium vegetables look spectacular in their transparent packaging. The elegant design shifts vegetables from commodity to luxury.
Alan Barlett & Sons packaging design.

Here’s one of our own! Given that crisps are widely perceived as junk food we faced a challenge to communicate the natural vegetable flavours and ingredients of Kettle’s Vegetable Chips.

Working with a new primary colour palette, we aimed to create a simple, yet modern straight-talking illustrative design for each pack, communicating the ingredients and reflecting Kettle’s “all-natural” promise and quality cues. The primary colour palette we chose for the range echoes the natural tones associated with vegetables while the secondary colour palette focuses on conveying specific products.
La Catedral de Navarra
This design completely breaks through the category arriving right at its premium summit. The vibrant colours of the vegetables contrast with the sleek black and white label.

09 26 2013 LC 609 26 2013 LC 2

09 26 2013 LC 5

We’ve talked about the joys of moustaches in packaging design before but somehow missed out this fine example. Bringing humour to the already colourful world of vegetables, this design takes SunFeel away from the common perception of canned vegetables. The confident and happy looking characters on pack are fully natural reflecting the brand’s ‘no additives and chemicals’ promise.

09 19 2013 Sunfeel 609 19 2013 Sunfeel 4
Waitrose Canned Vegetables
Waitrose do own-label packaging better than anyone else in the UK. These affordable, long-lasting healthy products are packaged in a simple design that looks more modern art than cheap canned food.
Student Project – Ben Huttly
Though this design is a student’s concept design, it’s up there with the best in the vegetable category. The veg looks beautiful bunched together with simple twine and a unique stencilled label.

In Ben’s own words: “Through experimentation and innovation I have developed a form of packaging that is 100 percent biodegradable and recyclable. If the packaging is discarded it will have a positive effect on the environment due to the seed embedded biodegradable paper. The twine used to secure the product and label is natural cotton and 100 percent biodegradable.”

We have a new favourite Twitter account. Give @drawnyourtweet a follow.

39-year-old British artist Sean Weston, is the man behind the account that brings hilarity to ‘random-ish’ tweets from the popular social network by illustrating them. Once Sean has doodled a tweet, he logs in and tags the person whose tweet he’s drawn. His artistic talent and brilliant imagination combined with a simple process, have gained him nearly 30,000 followers so far including celebrities Ricky Gervais and Ellie Goulding.

As long as we keep tweeting in our millions every day, @drawnyourtweet will never run short of inspiration and material.


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