BM's Premier League Strip Off

Nothing inspires loyalty quite like football, and with the 2012/13 season underway as of last weekend, Blue Marlin investigates the importance of football strips in the grand scheme of the beautiful game. They’re not just for paying homage to your heroes. How else would you know your team, your fellow supporters and bond with strangers? This is the power of football, creating its own vibrant, diverse culture, a way of life with its own iconography.

Under the graphic language of football colors like blue and red come to stand for a team you will follow to the bitter end. One set of stripes raises one half of a crowd to its feet, another set is a cue to burst into song. Not enough differentiation between teams kits can devastate fans, as though their teams individuality has not been recognized. Football turns everyone into branding experts and speaks volumes with the simplest designs. With new kits being designed every two years, the true fan has to be able to appraise and recognize every variant of their teams’ true colors.

Bearing all this in mind, what do you, the loyal fans, think of the shirts that will represent you and your team in 2012/13?

Manchester United

Man U’s at home kit has come under fire for looking ‘a bit like a tea towel’ but at least it exhibits club colors and the immortal red devil, the teams logo since the 1960’s.


Chelsea FC

Classic Chelsea blue with the new addition of the gold shoulder strips and crest in an Olympic nod, alongside the lion and roses for England.



The usual red and white teamed with a new blue hoop on the sleeves, as a nod of homage to Herbert Chapman (manager 1925 -1934) who originally added the red hoops to arsenals sleeves to increase players visibility to each other during the game. How apt!


Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC’s kit is designed to ‘make you feel seven feet tall’ and features a return to the classic liverbird crest with ‘eternal flames’ on the reverse. But is it still a Liverpool kit without the legend ‘You’ll never walk alone?’


Newcastle FC

The Magpies’ 12/13 shirt certainly knows how to shout from the treetops! Black and white stripes and a massive Virgin money logo emblazoned across the chest make it impossible to ignore, but is the voice of the sponsor a little too loud for a true fans liking?


Manchester City

Reigning Premier League champions Man City will sport their iconic sky blue in a grown up fitted style. Oasis’s Noel Gallagher declared Man City ‘the best dressed defending champions of all time.’


Cardiff FC

Cardiff City FC’s classic blue strip was replaced with a red one for 12/13. For a team known as ‘the Bluebirds’ this seems like a dramatic departure from the historic identity of the club. New Asia based owners say that the color is meant to represent the affinity between the two cultures, both of whom hold red in high esteem. Cardiff fans say: Disgrace.


And just for fun…Who’s your team?


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